macports-base test failures

Andrew L. Moore slewsys at
Sat Dec 30 19:45:52 UTC 2017

Please ignore last message...  `make test’ on vanilla macports/base do pass, evidently.  And after patching macports/macports-base#55, they appear to pass there as well - sorry.

> On Dec 30, 2017, at 1:38 PM, Andrew L. Moore <slewsys at> wrote:
> Hi,
> After submitting PR macports/macports-base#55, I see that Travis tests failed.  But on my system, running `make test’ on vanilla macports/base fails with the same errors. Is there a scenario under which these tests are expected to pass?
> The submitted PR should be fairly innocuous.  It creates a symlink from an expected to actual extract directory in the event that they differ.  An alternative approach might be to update global variables worksrcdir and worksrcpath, but without looking deeper, it’s not clear to me whether by the time extract is run, e.g., cmake’s configure command hasn't already been defined in terms of the previous value of worksrcpath.
> -AM

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