[macports-ports] 01/02: meson-1.0: new PortGroup

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Sun Dec 31 13:30:26 UTC 2017

31. dec. 2017 8:52 AM "Ryan Schmidt" wrote:

> +# Meson's install_name currently seems to be broken, so workarounds
might be needed to make ports actually work.
> +# See: https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/2121

Yeah something is going to have to get fixed there. I don't understand why
they want to use @rpath which requires Mac OS X 10.5 or greater. I'd like
to rip that out and replace it with plain old absolute-path install_names
which we use almost everywhere in MacPorts and they work great on all macOS

Before putting any effort in that direction, I suspect ninja might not even
work on ppc (or at least I don't find it on package server), so you might
be serving i386 10.4 only, a super rare species. Another issue is that it's
nontrivial to make tests work before binaries are installed.

I would support the idea of supporting both options, but we need to get at
least one working first.

> +# meson builds need to be done out-of-source
> +default build_dir           {${workpath}/build}

MacPorts doesn't have an option called "build_dir" so I don't even know how
this is working...

> +default configure.post_args {"${configure.dir} ${build_dir}"}
> +default build.dir           {${build_dir}}

Why do we need an additional level of indirection? Why can't we just:

default build.dir           {${workpath}/build}
default configure.post_args {"${configure.dir} ${build.dir}"}

I started copying cmake setup. Feel free to fix it (I'm not behind my

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