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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Jan 2 00:41:43 CET 2017

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> Comment: Add a 'troubleshooting' note for when the restore uses too many open files.
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> Index: Migration
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> --- Migration (version: 97)
> +++ Migration (version: 98)
> @@ -67,3 +67,9 @@
> sudo port install portname +variant1 +variant2 …
> }}}
> Note that if you have specified variants which are not the default, you may need to install ports in an order other than the alphabetical order recorded in `myports.txt`. You may skip explicitly installing ports that you did not request as long as they are not using non-default variants, since they will be installed as dependencies of other ports.
> +
> +Another potential problem is that the `restore_ports.tcl` command may fail with a `Too many open files` error message. Under macOS Sierra, the default shell has a default `ulimit` of 256 open files. The solution is to restore the ports with a slightly modified command:
> +{{{
> +sudo bash -c "ulimit -n 4096; ./restore_ports.tcl myports.txt"
> +}}}
> +This will raise the file limit for the duration of the `restore_ports.tcl` command.

This was https://trac.macports.org/ticket/50986 which will be fixed in MacPorts 2.4.0. It looks like a simple enough fix that it could probably be backported to the 2.3 branch if we do a 2.3.6 release.

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