+universal in apple-gcc42 on ppc

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Mon Jan 9 22:09:40 CET 2017

On 2017-1-10 09:05 , Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2017-1-10 08:16 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Jan 9, 2017, at 10:08, Joshua Root <jmr at macports.org> wrote:
>>> <https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/commit/41e0ae1cf32e0a3d86283818c27e83e06fc8a853>
>>> seems to be a bit problematic on ppc, see for example:
>>> <https://build.macports.org/builders/ports-10.5_ppc_legacy-builder/builds/16543/steps/install-dependencies/logs/stdio>
>>> I guess on ppc it should probably set 'configure.universal_archs ppc
>>> ppc64' (if that works) or just not declare a universal variant?
>> I don't think it's a PowerPC-specific problem. I think it applies to
>> any Leopard-or-earlier system with the default universal_archs of
>> "i386 ppc".
> Good point. I propose the attached patch then, since Tiger doesn't
> really do 64-bit, and I guess that even if a ppc/ppc64 universal build
> is possible on Leopard, it probably isn't desirable in most cases.
> - Josh

Let's try that again, this time without the extraneous changes. (No, 
'git diff' is not restricted to the current working directory...)

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