git branches on branches

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at
Wed Jan 18 13:07:19 UTC 2017


I’ve proposed a change to the mariadb-server.  I created a local git branch (“dbinstaller”) while working on it and then posted a patch to Trac for the maintainer to review.

I wanted to go forward and develop/test changes to my mythtv.28 port that depend on the mariadb-server changes.  I created another local git branch from master (dvrinstall) for that work.  It only just occurred to me that the mariadb-server changes don’t exist in my dvrinstall branch.  (Duh.) 

How can I incorporate the mariadb-server changes with my mythtv.28 changes for testing yet, when it comes time to push, only push the mythtv.28 commit(s)?  Please be really explicit—my git experience fits in a thimble with much room to spare!

More generally, is there a preferred approach that one should follow in such cases in the future?


(resending as first try appears to be lost in the ether.)

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