Postfix, CAfile and Macports

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Fri Jan 27 08:07:09 UTC 2017

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On 26.01.17 17:19 Johannes Kastl wrote:
> On 26.01.17 17:11 Daniel J. Luke wrote:
>> The next step I would take would be to turn up postfix debug 
>> logging and see if you get a hint on what is going wrong.
> OK, so it seems this is nothing macports-and-OSX-macos related.
> I'll try to debug.

I found the reason. Somehow the postfix started via macports 'port
load postfix' and with all paths in pointing to /opt/ used
some configuration in /etc/postfix/. Or maybe /opt/local/bin/mailx
used it.

After renaming the /etc/postfix/ directory I got lots of errors when
calling mailx. And I could not get mailx to work, without putting an
/etc/postfix/ in place.

And of course, whatever I had in /opt/local/etc/postfix, if this
configuration was never used, I could change options as long as I
could and the behaviour would not change...

I have no idea, what caused this. At the moment I uninstalled
postfix and try to use the OSX one. I would have thought this should
work, but I have no clue why the kept getting mixed up.

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