2.4.0 upgrade issue

Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Fri Jan 27 21:51:13 UTC 2017


On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 03:53:05PM -0500, Daniel J. Luke wrote:
> On Jan 27, 2017, at 3:50 PM, John Patrick <nhoj.patrick at gmail.com> wrote:
> > just tried to upgraded and got an error, so retried and got this;
> > 
> > $ sudo port -v selfupdate
> I reported this here earlier today:
> https://lists.macports.org/pipermail/macports-dev/2017-January/035306.html
> easy workaround is to use the pkg installer or download the source and
> build (instead of using selfupdate).
> note that the 'default' sources.conf configuration works fine.

I'd recommend to take a look at your $prefix/etc/macports/macports.conf
and ensure that rsync_dir ends with tarballs/base.tar (or just comment
the setting, which automatically triggers the default, which contains

The advantage of using the base.tar is that the tarball is signed and
the signature is checked during updates. I stronly discourage any use of
the old release/base URLs.

On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 08:58:28PM +0000, John Patrick wrote:
> how do I get the pkg installer from the website as all the links are
> for 2.3.5, or do i need to guess the url?

The CDN that caches the website may need a while to update. Current
links are up for me on
but it may take a couple of more hours for them to show up on your


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