Interactive port command asking me for installation of an existing port

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Mon Jan 30 13:23:14 UTC 2017


The interactive "port upgrade outdated" curiously asked me for
confirming installation of an existing (active) port:

--->  Computing dependencies for gtk3
--->  Fetching archive for gtk3
--->  Installing gtk3 @3.22.7_0+x11
--->  Cleaning gtk3
--->  Computing dependencies for gtk3
--->  Deactivating gtk3 @3.22.6_0+x11
--->  Cleaning gtk3
--->  Activating gtk3 @3.22.7_0+x11
--->  Cleaning gtk3
--->  Computing dependencies for gstreamer1
The following dependencies will be installed:  gtk3
Continue? [Y/n]: y

Any clue why this would happen? (I checked and gtk was active while
the prompt was waiting for my input. This is slightly annoying as I
would leave the computer on hoping to get the machine upgraded by the
time I come back.)

Thank you,

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