Feedback on clang change (#53194)

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez mcalhoun at
Tue Jan 31 18:48:10 UTC 2017

In the recent mailing list discussion on C++11, there were no comments on the specific aspects of the proposal
There is one aspect in particular that I would like to ask about: the proposed changes to clang (
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

There are three ways to allow clang to refer to MacPorts libstdc++.

1) Create a *default* variant to have -stdlib=libstdc++ refer to MacPorts libstdc++.
    This was quite rightly rejected because clang should be “as compatible with the host as possible.”
    I only bring it up because the required patch is simpler.

2) Create a new command switch -stdlib=macports-libstdc++ to refer to MacPorts libstdc++.

3) Create a new subport clang-libstdcxx for which -stdlib=libstdc++ refers to MacPorts libstdc++.
    Again, a reason to do this is because the required patch is simpler.

#2 is already in the development versions of clang
but for my purposes, the variant would have to be the default.

Patches for all three proposal are attached to the ticket.

Thank you,

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