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Umesh Singla umeshksingla at macports.org
Wed Jun 14 03:47:47 UTC 2017


> I have not followed Rainer's strategy for having `port snapshot --create`
> and `port snapshot --restore` as discussed in the previous thread, instead
> have 3 separate actions...
> If I am following this correctly I think isolating the functionality into
> actions makes sense. If we want to refactor the interface in the future it
> will be easier to combine pieces then split into parts.


> 4. Another thing that ran my mind while pondering that there are 2
> options for sqlite database as well: make the tables in the very beginning
> (while initial installation) or while running the snapshot for the first
> time. I suggest to go with the first one because it's simple.
> > The major target is to finish the snapshot action before Jun 24.
> Does “port selfupdate” constitute an “initial installation”?

The way I went through macports1.0 -> selfupdate.tcl file, I don't see any
such thing.

Does port currently perform schema checks?

If there's sql.c -> update_db() function, then it should be called
somewhere. I only see it at one place inside registry attach function which
is not really relevant here.

> If port can detect if the schema needs updating then perhaps we can hook
> in and “do the right thing".

But all this is for the first time, right? I'll ponder over it more.

Point to me if I missed something vital.

> I suggest IRC #macports on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM UTC. If this time does
> not work for anyone who would like to be included suggest an alternative or
> additional day and time.

So, today!

Umesh Singla
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