[MacPorts] #54315: port-check-conflicts.tcl

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 12:01:58 UTC 2017

MacPorts wrote on 20170615::11:41:38 re: "Re: [MacPorts] #54315: port-check-conflicts.tcl"

As suggested: I've uploaded a potential candidate for the contrib repository. It's a script that can generate a list of all conflicting files in a new or upgraded port's destroot directory, before installing the port in question and getting activation errors.
Conflicting files are those already present at the same location under ${prefix} but not belonging to the current port.

It's also possible to check files under any given directory; in that case there is of course no concept of "current port".

Finally, there's an inverse (-v) mode that lists new files (which don't already exist at the same location under ${prefix}.

I had an earlier, simpler version of the script which just invoked `port provides` for every file found. This version is uncomparably faster for large ports, and should also do better with paths containing whitespace.


> For getting comments a ticket feels like the wrong place, better use the
> mailing list for that. Tickets are meant to document that we need to take
> an action (fix a bug, implement a feature request). With this I do not see
> at which point I would consider it "resolved" as it does not describe an
> issue.
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