Travis and "rebase before commit"

Sterling P. Smith smithsp at
Thu Jun 22 16:06:27 UTC 2017

Rainer, Mojca,

Sorry for the noise.  I had misremembered which option was disabled.


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> It is enabled and the default. The thing is that in the Mojca's workflow
> for editing the PR commits, you would still need to push to the PR
> branch, wait for Travis to finish and approve the change, then merge.
> Otherwise GitHub does not recognize the PR as merged.
> In my opinion, this behavior can be considered the correct way, as this
> ensures the additional changes you made to the PR are tested once again.
> However, as noted before, you can also add a "Closes: #xxx" to the
> commit message to make GitHub recognize a merged PR. That also removes
> the need to push to the PR branch, you can just publish to master directly.
> To make it clearer, I rewrote the instructions on the wiki and added
> these two options:
> Rainer

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