mDNSResponder building

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Jun 26 17:54:58 UTC 2017

On Monday June 26 2017 19:19:08 db wrote:

> Isn't that overkill?

It would certainly be if installing a newer mDNSResponder didn't have other potential advantages.

> You could filter the message,

Heh, I found the same post and implemented the solution a bit higher up (with the custom.cleanup.conf file). There were other messages that I've now filtered out so I'm glad I found it. Took a bit of searching though.

# Ignore some noisy log entries.
# See

? [CA= Message Google Chrome He] ignore
? [CA= Message Google Chrome He] claim

? [CA= Message WSSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area] ignore
? [CA= Message WSSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area] claim

# ignore mDNSResponder reports about P2P packets from Spotify
? [CA= Message Unknown DNS packet type 6f74] ignore
? [CA= Message Unknown DNS packet type 6f74] claim

@Ken: there's a port:avahi that even has a launchd plist to start the daemon. I've never really bothered looking into using it to replace mDNSResponder on Mac, though. It's the sort of service that "just works", usually more reliably than its counterpart on Linux.

I always have a window open on my system.log, so I tend to notice when something starts polluting. Very strange that apparently I never got this particular pollution before (and that a long-running and thus not recently updated Spotify versions started sending those packets to my local broadcast address).


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