Cmake, Xcode 9, MacOS 10.13 and utimensat

Vincent Habchi vince at
Thu Jun 29 05:44:16 UTC 2017

Hi Ryan,

> cmake likes to compile using the macOS SDK in Xcode, even when that's not needed. What version of macOS SDK is in Xcode 9? I would not be surprised if it contains a macOS 10.13 version of the SDK, and that utimensat is new in macOS 10.13, and that there is a bug in the SDK that neglects to hide that symbol when the deployment target is less than 10.13. If so, that would be an Apple bug.

Absolutely. Except that I checked in the libraries installed by MacOS 10.13 beta, and there is no such symbol. At least not in the libraries where the symbol is expected to be.

Reason why I was, how to say, flabbergasted? :)

I’ll fill a bug report.


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