port install pear-TCPDF fails with checksum error

Bradley Giesbrecht pixilla at macports.org
Fri Jun 30 15:41:47 UTC 2017

Try this Portfile and tell me if it works for you.

Bradley Giesbrecht (pixilla)

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> On Jun 30, 2017, at 7:42 AM, macports at parvis.nl wrote:
> any developer out there who can help me with PCTDF ?
>> On 28 Jun 2017, at 05:27, Joshua Root <jmr at macports.org> wrote:
>> On 2017-6-28 09:29 , macports at parvis.nl wrote:
>>>> On 27 Jun 2017, at 07:42, Joshua Root <jmr at macports.org> wrote:
>>>> Generally you should look at the contents of the HTML file to figure out what generated it instead of the correct file and why. In this case I would guess it's the fourth possibility listed on the MisbehavingServers page, "The download site no longer has the file, and does not indicate this with the correct response code."
>>>> - Josh
>>> indeed.
>>> all sources for TCPDF-5.9.074.tgz are a HTML file pointing to peazhub.org and that domain is For Sale.
>>> the author Nicola Asuni - Tecnick.com LTD - www.tecnick.com - info at tecnick.com has a download for version 6.2.13 available at his own site https://github.com/tecnickcom/TCPDF.git
>>> i know how to create a local port file for a modified installation.
>>> but the current portfile has as contents:
>>> ---
>>> # -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
>>> PortSystem          1.0
>>> PortGroup           pear 1.0
>>> pear.setup          TCPDF 5.9.074 pearhub.org
>>> categories-append   net www
>>> platforms           darwin
>>> maintainers         nomaintainer
>>> description         PEAR TCPDF package
>>> long_description    ${description}
>>> checksums           rmd160  f614fa5128251b414c26607f86e2d68698b7eb9f \
>>>                     sha256  00e6dc9acd8e9f729bc5bd51db75b71dc65c65788a209f84d9bce1aa83aa7d5e
>>> ---
>>> and i dont know what 'pear.setup' should do.
>>> do you have any suggestions?
>>> thanks.
>> (Keeping replies on the list.)
>> The version on GitHub doesn't appear to be available as a PEAR package, so the pear portgroup probably won't help much anyway. So I would guess pear-TCPDF should be deleted and a new port should be created named TCPDF or perhaps php-TCPDF, which would install in whatever way is usual. (I don't know much about PHP packaging, sorry.)
>> - Josh

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