Use HFS compression on installed ports...

Eric A. Borisch eborisch at
Tue Nov 7 03:10:51 UTC 2017

Just wondering what everyone would think of applying this patch? It enables
a runtime test during activation to see if (1) bsdtar is in path and (2) if
it supports the --hfsCompression option. (The version from libarchive does.)

The --hfsCompression does what you would expect: applies compression to the
extracted files. The bsdtar implementation of this automatically becomes a
no-op [1] on filesystems that do not support compression, as well as
checking to make sure the compression is beneficial [2] and bailing
(decompressing) otherwise. As such, we can just pass the flag, and if it
can't be used, ~ no harm done.

For systems where it can be used, however, large savings can be realized
(3:1) on some of the largest (e.g. compilers w/ include files) packages.
With more macs being sold with non-user-upgradable storage, this seems like
a win.

Since this is a run-time check, similar to the lbzip2 check a few lines
later, it won't get tripped up on a 'port upgrade libarchive' action, for
example. (By the same token, libarchive itself will never be HFS+
compressed, unless the user explicitly installs yet another modern-enough
bsdtar in path. Direction could be given to users to install libarchive
before activating ports if space is a concern. (Or perhaps we have a
'macports-extras' port group that installs libarchive and lbzip2; two
things that really are nice to have installed, and improve the performance
of MacPorts. We could also prompt during 'port upgrade' actions if it is
not installed, perhaps with a persistent "don't bother me again" y/n/N

 -- Eric


diff --git a/src/registry2.0/portimage.tcl b/src/registry2.0/portimage.tcl
index 72dcdfd3..bdab6f8f 100644
--- a/src/registry2.0/portimage.tcl
+++ b/src/registry2.0/portimage.tcl
@@ -348,9 +348,18 @@ proc extract_archive_to_tmpdir {location} {
             t(ar|bz|lz|xz|gz) {
                 set tar "tar"
                 if {[catch {set tar [macports::findBinary $tar
${macports::autoconf::tar_path}]} errmsg] == 0} {
-                    ui_debug "Using $tar"
-                    set unarchive.cmd "$tar"
-                    set unarchive.pre_args {-xvpf}
+                    # Opportunistic HFS compression. bsdtar will
+                    # ignore if on non-HFS filesystem.
+                    if {![catch {macports::binaryInPath bsdtar}] &&
+                        ![catch {exec bsdtar -x --hfsCompression <
/dev/null >& /dev/null}]} {
+                        ui_debug "Using bsdtar with HFS+ compression (if
+                        set unarchive.cmd "bsdtar"
+                        set unarchive.pre_args {-xvp --hfsCompression -f}
+                    } else {
+                        ui_debug "Using $tar"
+                        set unarchive.cmd "$tar"
+                        set unarchive.pre_args {-xvpf}
+                    }
                     if {[regexp {z2?$} ${unarchive.type}]} {
                         set unarchive.args {-}
                         if {[regexp {bz2?$} ${unarchive.type}]} {
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