Additional labels for pull requests (and Trac tickets)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sat Nov 11 18:23:04 UTC 2017


Something that would really help me in going through various pull
requests would be additional labels that would make it clear what
exactly is stopping us from merging that pull requests.

Some examples (tags could/should be further simplified):

- needs_review: nobody with sufficient expertise took a look yet to
provide some qualified feedback

- wait_for_maintainer: someone from our team thinks the commit is ok,
but would prefer to wait for the port maintainer to take a look first

- more_changes_needed: the changes are not quite ready yet

- wait_for_upstream_feedback: we would prefer if upstream would take a
look, or at least to get an upstream ticket open before merging the

- wait_for_opinion: there's still an ongoing debate, opinions
potentially differ, we need more brainstorming etc.

I would like to apply some of these right away, but I would like to
get some feedback and opinions from others about some reasonable names
and reasonable set.

Having those labels would hopefully help developers which happen to
have some time to go through PRs depending on current mood :) For
example, if we have a label "wait for maintainer" and 10 days passed,
look at it and commit it. If it's "more changes needed" and I'm not
willing to start debugging, skip, while for "opinion needed" I might
want to check while waiting for a bus even if I don't have my mac at


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