Additional labels for pull requests (and Trac tickets)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sat Nov 11 23:51:24 UTC 2017

While going through PRs today, I discovered another group with a
significant number of open PRs that might deserve its own tag.

Someone submits a patch with a perfectly functional port and then gets
feedback like "please change the commit message format", "please
squash commits / rebase / avoid merging" or "please replace tabs with
spaces". Some might be a tiny bit less trivial, but they still fall
under the category of "totally straightforward". And then some of
those PRs might end up waiting for months before being merged.

Such a PR would of course require some tag with a prefix
"actionneeded:", but it's not clear to me whether we should
necessarily assign that to the author or to any developer. Maybe
something like "actionneeded:straightforward". Those would be PRs
ideal for some rainy evenings when one is tired and just needs a
distraction without too much of an intellectual input.

And yes, we have a number of other PRs that could be qualified as
work-in-progress, starting with "please don't merge this yet", which
are more like "proofs-of-concept" / prototypes, requiring a
non-trivial effort to finalize them. For many of those it's not really
clear who's the one that could or should keep working on them.


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