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Wahlstedt Jyrki jwa at
Sun Nov 12 18:58:57 UTC 2017

> On 12 Nov 2017, at 17.49, Frank Schima <mf2k at> wrote:
> Thank you for all of your support with these ports. And thanks for helping with the transition. 
> Note that you are still listed as maintainer for postgresql83 through postgresql91.
you are absolutely right, will correct those! Those old versions have long been EOL’d already, so at some point they could be marked obsolete (though all the old versions can still be downloaded from

Thanks again to all of community, Ryan and Mojca especially, who have been good and supportive co-maintainers!

And just to remind: I’d really like to see someone take over PostgreSQL ports, sooner rather than later.

! Jyrki

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