[macports-ports] 06/10: octave: use cxx_stdlib instead of configure.cxx_stdlib

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez mcalhoun at macports.org
Thu Nov 30 18:58:22 UTC 2017

cxx_stdlib is a variable that can be set in
See LibcxxOnOlderSystems [1] for an example of its usage.
It is the default value of configure.cxx_stdlib [2].
The cxx11 PG replaces libstdc++ with macports-libstdc++ in
configure.cxx_stdlib [3].
So the code
    if {${configure.cxx_stdlib} ne "libstdc++"} {
was incorrect.

As you point out, however, cxx_stdlib is not used in any other
Portfile and so should probably be avoided.
I will rewrite the code to only use configure.cxx_stdlib as soon as I
get the chance.


[1] https://trac.macports.org/wiki/LibcxxOnOlderSystems#LionandMountainLion
[2] https://github.com/macports/macports-base/blob/c4107fcd483646853321027af2e123aa0e70a1ce/src/port1.0/portconfigure.tcl#L59
[3] https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/blob/5af4230f0816622cf7cfa2cba2ab2b877b31b649/_resources/port1.0/group/cxx11-1.1.tcl#L45

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 9:24 AM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> wrote:
>> --- a/math/octave/Portfile
>> +++ b/math/octave/Portfile
>> @@ -544,7 +544,7 @@ default_variants-append +docs
>>  #    "Magick::Image::ping(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)"
>>  set magickConflict {}
>>  set magickDefault yes
>> -if {${configure.cxx_stdlib} ne "libstdc++"} {
>> +if {${cxx_stdlib} ne "libstdc++"} {
> I don't understand this change. What's the relationship between configure.cxx_stdlib (the only variable any other port uses for this) and cxx_stdlib (which I've never heard of before)?

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