direct sqlite equivalent command to `port installed $portname`?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Oct 3 08:26:12 UTC 2017


What is the sqlite command one would have to execute to obtain the output of `port installed` for a single port (installed & active)? I'm only interested in the active variants.

I have a script that uses `port installed foo` that I can use in commands like

%> port -v patch `port-active-variants foo bar`

when it's upgrading time; it returns "foo +var1+var2 bar +universal" if the foo and bar ports are active with those variants.
It will do this for any number of ports, and it gets kind of slow when there are more than a few ports. I suspect that's because the port command is doing other things that are irrelevant for the use case at hand.


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