Testers wanted for new NeoMutt release

Leonardo Brondani Schenkel leonardo at schenkel.net
Wed Oct 11 18:46:26 UTC 2017

(I'm not sure if this should have been sent to macports-users, but I 
suppose that the audience that knows how to build ports from a Git 
checkout of the ports tree overlaps more with this list.)

I am the maintaner of the NeoMutt port. The latest upstream release has 
some big changes, the most important two being that they moved away from 
autotools and started using autosetup, and that the binary is now called 
'neomutt' in order to allow it to coexist with 'mutt'.

I have an open PR [1] in which I made the necessary changes to build 
with autosetup. Since we don't have a 'mutt' port (it got removed due to 
the lack of maintainer), and in the interest of preserving the existing 
behaviour, I also introduced a +mutt variant (enabled by default) which 
installs a symlink so you can still invoke neomutt as 'mutt'.

[1] https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/pull/903

Because of the large number of variants that this port has, it's really 
impractical for me to test the binary for all the possible combinations 
— and I also know from experience that Mutt/NeoMutt users are really 
attached to their existing workflows and are sensitive to any 
breakage... :-) So if you're one of the users of this port, I would 
appreciate if you could check out this branch, manually build the port 
with your favorite combination of variants, and verify if everything 
still works as you expect and let me know (either here or by commenting 
on the PR) if there are any regressions.

I will also welcome any comments you might have about the PR, in case 
you have a moment to spare to review it.

The plan is not to release this specific version to users (it's marked 
as "devel" by upstream), but the next official version. This is the 
preparation work, so when the next official release is published I will 
simply add a new commit to bump the version and then merge the whole PR.

// Leonardo.

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