Force build on wrong builder

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Oct 13 09:00:36 UTC 2017

On Oct 13, 2017, at 02:21, db wrote:

> On 12 Oct 2017, at 22:23, Joshua Root wrote:
>> All old port versions are uninstalled after each build, so the deps will never be outdated during a build. Also a build would have been triggered in response to any earlier commit that updated one of the deps.
> Let's say, port A depends recursively in this order on B, C, D; port E depends on C and D. The buildbot builds binaries for A and E.

And B, C and D, if they haven't already been built.

> Then C gets a commit, which might be scheduled in the buildbot or not.

Well, it will be, unless there is a problem like the buidlbot is offline.

> Next I try to get the binary for A. Do I get the binary for D and rebuild C, B and A locally? Does my request trigger any action for the buildbot to rebuild A, B, C and eventually E?

You requesting to install a port on your own computer doesn't talk to the buildbot at all. It only talks to the packages server, which is fronted by our content delivery network StackCDN. The buildbot uploads packages to there (essentially) once they've been built.

If you ask MacPorts to install A on your computer, MacPorts will install or upgrade its dependencies B, C, D first. If your installation of MacPorts supports and requests the use of binaries, then it will check for and use binaries of B, C, D if they exist; if not, they will build locally. And finally it will check for and use a binary of A if it exists, and if not, build that locally.

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