Help with Buildbot Logic

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez mcalhoun at
Fri Oct 20 18:58:13 UTC 2017

I am trying to figure out whey llvm-5.0 and clang-5.0 are not located
on for Mac OS X 10.6.
Below are the steps I have tried.
Can anyone help me understand where I am going wrong?

1) On my local virtual machine, llvm-5.0 and clang-5.0 build on Mac OS X 10.6

2) Neither llvm-5.0 nor clang-5.0 seem have been uploaded to

3) I tried for force a rebuild of llvm-5.0 with the intention of then
forcing a rebuild of clang-5.0.

4) The buildbot claims that llvm-5.0 has already been "built and uploaded"
even though it is not on

5) The buildbot then tries to build lldb-5.0 and fails for a separate reason

Does [4] mean that the buildbot mistakenly think that llvm-5.0 is
already on
Does [5] mean that llvm-5.0 can not be built so long as lldb-5.0 fails to build?

Thank you,

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