[MacPorts] #55106: dblatex add a -latex variant

Joël Brogniart Joel.Brogniart at laposte.net
Tue Oct 24 16:16:49 UTC 2017

> Le 24 oct. 2017 à 16:45, MacPorts <noreply at macports.org> a écrit :
> #55106: dblatex add a -latex variant
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> Comment (by raimue):
> Other ports (LaTeXML, auctex, kde4-kile) already provide a +mactex variant
> that allows to use [http://www.tug.org/mactex/ MacTeX] instead of the
> texlive ports. Is your texlive installation completely custom? If your use
> case is also MacTeX, we might want to follow that naming scheme for
> consistency.

The port auto-multiple-choice also use the -latex variant and this work was done to permit evolutions in it. I have no knowledge about the latex world and the different packages/versions… available so I used the more generic latex term.
I'll reverse the semantic logic and add a +mactex variant. I will first see how it is done in other ports.

> You added `bin:mtxrun:...` as a dependency, however `proc
> dblatex.mktexlsr` only uses it if `-latex` is selected. Was that
> intentional?

> Note `texlive.mktexlsr` runs mtxrun if installed, so this
> functionality would now be missing. I would drop the dependency on mtxrun
> and write the proc like this:
> {{{
> proc dblatex.mktexlsr {} {
>     if {[variant_isset latex]} {
>         system "mktexlsr"
>         system "if command -v mtxrun >/dev/null 2>&1; then mtxrun
> --generate; fi"
>     } else {
>         texlive.mktexlsr
>     }
> }
> }}}
> Why does `post-deactivate` need to delete files? MacPorts removes all
> files it installed, so what would be left? If this was in case the value
> of TEXMFLOCAL changed between activate and deactivate, I do not think we
> can handle this. In the worst case, it could have unintended side effects.

I don't know why but files installed in the MacTeX hierarchy are not deleted when I uninstall dbatex and the next installation fails because files are allready here.

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