BSD-{2,3}-Clause not recognized by port_binary_distributable.tcl

Zero King l2dy at
Thu Oct 26 16:13:58 UTC 2017


Currently 3 ports (py-metakernel, py-octave_kernel, ntpsec) are using
"BSD-3-Clause" as (one of) their licenses, and ntpsec also uses
"BSD-2-Clause".  These licenses are "not known to be distributable" in

Should we update these ports to use "BSD" or update port_binary_distributable.tcl?

Also port_binary_distributable.tcl doesn't recognize the "NTP" license
specified in ntpsec. Should this port use "Permissive" like ntp or
should we update port_binary_distributable.tcl?

Best regards,
Zero King
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