review requests

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Sat Sep 2 03:41:24 UTC 2017

Hello, fellow MacPorts developers.

While I am waiting for my commit permissions to be considered, I would appreciate anyone with some spare time and enthusiasm to consider a few PRs for committal/commission:

Lout: a  port update requested by a devoted MacPorts user on Sierra that needed to be updated to work properly. Reviewed by Ryan some while ago. Looks good to go:


Mplayer: a trivial fix to include some OpenGL headers on Tiger that keeps coming up every time MPlayer is bumped. Bullet-proof, I think:


Chromaprint to PortGroup cxx11 1.1: a trivial update that fixes the build on older systems for this dependency for other ports.


And if you are in the mood for something more fancy, two really great fixes that I'm quite proud of for webkit2-gtk and webkit2-gtk-devel that fix the build on 10.6 and up for these important ports. These have to potential to keep a modern browser in the fold for these systems for some time to come, and as webkit-gtk is nearly dead, seem quite timely:




All the best,


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