Restoring from Time Machine backup relocates home directories

db iamsudo at
Sun Sep 17 14:34:49 UTC 2017

On 17 Sep 2017, at 00:15, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> File ownership can be preserved on disk images, but that ownership is preserved by uid and gid, not by user name and group name.

I suspected this but didn't know how it actually works on OS X.

>> MP could also checked if the UIDs/GIDs are already in use, before a port creates a user/group.
> MacPorts already does this, in that the MacPorts command to create a new user will use the first uid numbered 500 or greater that does not already exist in the directory service. Or did you mean something different by "already in use"?

I meant not already in use in the file system, but that would introduce the delay upon uninstallation and eventually wouldn't avoid the pitfalls of file ownership preservation.

Couldn't MP use a higher numbered block of UID/GIDs instead of availability for user creation?

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