[macports-ports] branch master updated: brotli, py-brotli: Update to version 1.0.1

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Thu Sep 28 22:28:22 UTC 2017

On 09/28/2017 08:16 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> -checksums           rmd160  f1d09420f101da42f5886cf27e8b71f40a3e32a5 \
>> -                    sha256  6bf32737e89fb96b2aab5f5421242ec22aa08ed08f8e28f35da117b068861b9b
>> +checksums           rmd160  16c144a60b014d8951ba93cf21d4e57c4cb17bbe \
>> +                    sha256  6b7ce23429d8bb55b519a0fa546deed26c499b968e6a19cbc24ac466b8c50e73 \
>> +                    size    23733914
> "size" is a thing we can check in the checksums line? How did I not know this? :)

I think it was added in 2.3.0, but so far it is not used much. I only started to
add it to my ports now.

Maybe this could later be used to give better download estimates, for example
for an overall fetch size for all ports.


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