Request for help with DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH-related bug in perl5.28 build

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Thu Aug 16 10:28:32 UTC 2018


Is there any volunteer to help with rewriting/fixing part of the perl
build system*** (which sets DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to current build path
for the sake of finding the library, just to be later shadowed by the
OS, probably for security reasons)?

The bug first appeared in running the test suite:
but in 5.28 it escalated to being unable to build perl itself to start with.

HomeBrew's workaround was to create a symlink after configure and
before make. For us that would mean doing something like
    ln -s /opt/local/var/macports/build/_path_to_lang_perl5/perl5.28/work/perl-5.28.0/libperl.dylib
after the configure step.

But I'm not too thrilled to repeat the same (pretty nasty?) workaround.


Other non-broken build system first link against the local version of
libraries and then run install_name_tool during "make install" to fix
the links to binaries. This would probably be the best patch for Perl
as well, but I'm not eager to spend so much time trying to learn how
their build system works and then fixing all the places, that would
take me forever. The first link contains an attempt of a patch which
"unhides" DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to some extent, but it's incomplete.

Any other less aggressive workaround is also welcome. Usually this
could be fixed by manually running install_name_tool, but this needs
to be done during the build.

(If I login to their tracker, I'm not even able to view the relevant
tickets, only the ones I opened myself. I'm able to view the tickets
as anonymous user, but then I'm not able to subscribe or comment.)


*** Since we don't like any existing build system, let's write our own :)

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