"size" documentation

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Aug 20 04:03:23 UTC 2018

On Aug 18, 2018, at 02:53, Jan Stary wrote:

> How many of the total number of ports have their distfiles served
> by such servers?

One such server that does not use a Content-Length header is the GitHub server that generates tarballs of commits and tags; many hundreds of Portfiles use those. But we do mirror the distfiles, and our distfiles mirrors do use the Content-Length header, so this would only affect users downloading directly from GitHub instead of one of our mirrors.

> If the idea is to help display a progress bar (please make it in color),

What color would you like? :)

> curl it the one doing the download. If it can display a progress bar,
> it will. If not, please leave it like that.

If you're not interested in working on this issue, you don't have to! :) That doesn't mean that those of us who are interested in the issue can't work on it.

So that any future feature that uses the distfile filesize works for as many ports as possible, please do add size to checksums when you happen to notice it missing.

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