cxx11 1.0 PG -> mass change to cxx11 1.1 ?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Feb 4 23:55:02 UTC 2018

On Feb 4, 2018, at 09:29, Ken Cunningham wrote:

> I think it's time to consider a mass change of any ports that remain on the old cxx11 1.0 PG to the new cxx11 1.1 PG.
> Any thoughts?

I haven't heard of any reports that what we're doing in the cxx11 1.1 portgroup isn't working. So it's probably reasonable to switch the remaining 1.0 ports to 1.1, but it will need some case-by-case analysis.

For example, mongodb includes the cxx11 1.0 portgroup, and later in the portfile forces configure.cxx_stdlib to libc++. I want to keep mongodb using libc++ on all systems; there is no advantage to this port to drag in additional dependencies for macports-libstdc++ on <= 10.8. So for mongodb, in addition to changing cxx11 1.0 to cxx11 1.1, the configure.cxx_stdlib libc++ line needs to be moved above the PortGroup cxx11 1.1 line.

There may be other ports using cxx11 1.0 that either set configure.cxx_stdlib libc++ or whose build systems explicitly call for -stdlib=libc++.

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