32ad881 python/py-setuptools/Portfile

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Wed Feb 7 09:37:17 UTC 2018

I'd appreciate having such changes, even minor version updates, run by
me first. This is not the kind of simple, obvious fix that
openmaintainer is meant to allow; in fact there's a real discussion to
be had here.

> diff --git a/python/py-setuptools/Portfile b/python/py-setuptools/Portfile
> index 9c93cb6ada2..8f9a847c7df 100644
> --- a/python/py-setuptools/Portfile
> +++ b/python/py-setuptools/Portfile
> @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ PortSystem          1.0
>  PortGroup           python 1.0
>  name                py-setuptools
> -version             38.5.0
> +version             38.5.1
>  categories-append   devel
>  # License status is murky. The current maintainer decided to relicense as
>  # MIT, but he doesn't appear to have obtained the permission of previous
> @@ -22,13 +22,17 @@ long_description \
>  platforms           darwin
>  supported_archs     noarch
> -homepage            https://pypi.python.org/pypi/setuptools/
> -master_sites        pypi:s/setuptools/
> +homepage            https://pypi.python.org/pypi/setuptools/${version}
> +# pypi fetch class broke for pypi.python.org due to site changes
> +# update master_sites to use new pypi.python.org url format
> +# url format for files.pythonhosted.org remains unchanged

This is not a new development. The files.pythonhosted.org redirector was
created specifically to solve this problem and has existed for quite
some time.

> +master_sites        pypi:6c/54/f7e9cea6897636a04e74c3954f0d8335cc38f7d01e27eec98026b049a300 \
> +                    pypi:s/setuptools/

Are you going to do this for every pypi-hosted port? Having to do that
seems like pretty much the worst possible outcome for maintainers (and
defeats the purpose of using the redirector).

IMO two better possibilities to pursue would be to ask the operators of
the redirector to allow older systems to connect, and to get our
distfile mirroring working.

- Josh

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