Buildbot 1.0

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Feb 21 07:34:07 UTC 2018

On 2018-2-21 17:30 , Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> On 20 February 2018 at 04:49, Joshua Root wrote:
>> On 2018-2-20 14:43 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> On Feb 19, 2018, at 18:14, Joshua Root wrote:
>>>> On 2018-2-20 10:14 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>>>> Getting the builds to spawn in the *correct* (dependency) order is a more involved task, but we've survived without it for this long already.
>>>> The more involved part is already written though, so once you have the
>>>> ability to start the builds in a particular order, making that order
>>>> dependency order should be straightforward.
>>> Oh? Where is it already written? Last I heard, Clemens said it was not written and would be complicated to write.
>> The old buildbot with MPAB did it.
> I'm afraid this doesn't help us in any way. The current buildbot setup
> is already passing the list of ports to be built in correct order. The
> problem is that the scheduler then picks them up in some random order.
> The missing piece is making sure that the ports are built in correct
> order (which would not even be an issue if all ports were built on the
> same builder like it was the case with the old setup, that is: no
> split between portbuilder and portwatcher).

Yes, we are aware that builds are currently started in random order. The
last few emails in this exchange were simply establishing that
dependency order is not significantly harder to achieve than any other

- Josh

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