need someone with steely git-fu to resolve a minor conflict in PR #740

Zero King l2dy at
Sun Feb 25 05:28:26 UTC 2018

On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 08:26:41PM -0800, Ken Cunningham wrote:
>I have tried several times to resolve the minor conflict in this PR and I just keep messing it up. It looks super trivial, but ...
>Please, if you do fix it, tell me what you did so I don't have to ask this particular silly question again.

git checkout -b pr-740
curl -O
vim 740.patch
# ^ remove the conflicting file (diff --git a/aqua/qt4-mac/Portfile ...
# until the next diff --git ...)
git am 740.patch
curl -o aqua/qt4-mac/Portfile
# ^ URL from ("View" button on the right)
git add aqua/qt4-mac/Portfile
git commit --amend --no-edit
git push -f git at pr-740:qt4-mac-tiger

I'm using a shallow clone so I can't push to an outdated branch, but it
should work for you.


Best regards,
Zero King
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