Programme and talks for the MacPorts meeting

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sun Feb 25 08:24:09 UTC 2018


We were brainstorming about the programme for the MacPorts meeting with Aljaž.

I would like to ask what talks you want to hold during the MacPorts
meeting, here are some initial suggestions:

- Zero & Umesh: each one presenting the work done during the GSOC 2017
+ challenged faced, how we could improve the programme etc.
- Clemens & Mojca: sharing the experience from GSOC Mentors' meeting
- Rainer: something about PortMgr (followed by discussion)
- In case Clemens or Rainer want to prepare some overview of
infrastructure changes/challenges/etc. as introduction into discussion
of what needs further improvements

- Clemens & Umesh: it could be nice to repeat "introduction into base
hacking" in some form (we have some new participants and old ones
might need a refreshment :) :) :). Since Umesh is the latest one to
learn Tcl, would you be willing to prepare some "beginner's guide to
start working with MacPorts" that you could, say, give to this year's
GSOC students, and then Clemens would complement your work?

Depending on when everyone is there and depending on weather, we could:

On Saturday:
- Devote part of the day to GSOC (presentations from Zero, Umesh,
Clemens, Mojca, plans and ideas for the future).
- Finalize the schedule with some common brainstorming.
- Perhaps start discussing about Buildbot (not everything yet, just
the rough plan).

- Start Sunday with intro to base hacking & discussion of what tasks
could be accomplished during the week. (We could finish some tasks
like fetching from VCS, renaming binaries for legacy systems, Aljaž
wanted to do some fixes in port reclaim, Umesh and Clemens might
finalize merging the GSOC code etc.)
- We could go out in afternoon or evening (depending on weather etc.)

- main theme: Website, Buildbot & the rest of infrastructure
- Maybe PortMgr & association in the evening

- Preparing roadmap for future base development
- How to improve user experience for 'port' (Aljaž)
- What can we learn from HB and what we need to explain to users
- How to improve the ticket resolving speed (including how/whether
GitHub helped in merging patches)

- Breakfast, whatever needs to be finished, round-up, feedback, lunch,
departures some time after lunch

We could make a trip out one afternoon and go out for dinner.


(I'll be offline for a couple of days.)

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