#55884: mandoc @1.14.3: not using the right compiler

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 16:03:31 UTC 2018

On 2018-02-27, at 11:52 PM, Jan Stary wrote:

> The ticket is closed, so I will continue here.
>> Actually it's not specific to the universal variant. Rather, the problem
>> is that the port is not UsingTheRightCompiler.
> mandoc's ./configure sets CC to whatever make(1) thinks CC is:
> CC=`printf "all:\\n\\t at echo \\\$(CC)\\n" | env -i make -sf -`
> Why exactly is it "not the right compiler"?
> Maybe I don't get the whole premise:

I'm not sure how many replies you might get to this -- some might just say it's policy - but you seem like a very clever guy, and I think we'd all really like to help get you into a state where you're a long-term contributor to MacPorts. 

When you're working with just your own or a few machines, you can be pretty loose, especially with a reasonable number of ports.

Multiply that out to 20,000 (or so) ports and thousands of users will all different machines, and different skill levels, and things look different.

Add in the ability to distribute pre-made binaries that will all work together, and you have to be very defensive in your approach.

The basic principle is that a build of a port on any darwin_N system anywhere will be identical to every other build on that darwin version on all other machines.

To do that, but build environment (and the runtime environment) need to be fully pre-defined.

See here: <https://reproducible-builds.org/> for more info, and why this is what we need.

I hope you can come to accept some of these MacPorts policies, because you seem to have a lot of enthusiasm and skills!



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