default variants and quartz v x11

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Mon Jan 1 19:25:20 UTC 2018

On 12/25/2017 03:57 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> :debug:configure Ignoring active_variants requirement for gtk3
>>> because source-type install only considers depends_fetch
>>> depends_extract depends_lib depends_build depends_run and those
>>> do not contain gtk3
> This message is correct. In the port's x11 variant you've written "require_active_variants gtk3 x11" and in the quartz variant you've written "require_active_variants gtk3 quartz" but nowhere have you written "depends_lib-append port:gtk3".
> Similarly in the quartz variant you wrote "require_active_variants gtksourceview3 quartz" but you only do "depends_lib-append ... port:gtksourceview3" in the gui variant.
> If you need to use require_active_variants, you must be sure the port you specify is one that you've already declared a dependency on.

Ah, wasn't expecting to have to declare a dependency in order to inspect
its variants. I figured anything that's installed was up for inspection.

Since gtksourceview3 depends on gtk3 but lacks a matching x11 variant, I
had wanted to check them all directly without "duplicating" gtk3 dependency.

Will give this a shot and see if it improves the user's failed build.

>> What can be done to improve the situation?
> I don't know why it fails to build. The log attached to the ticket shows gtk3 and gtksourceview3 are installed.

Hoping something good happens. :-)

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