Circular dependency: vala, graphviz and librsvg

Blair Zajac blair at
Fri Jan 5 08:32:20 UTC 2018

With the default +rsvg variant that I have in $prefix/etc/macports/variants.conf, these three ports depend on each other:

$ port deps vala
Library Dependencies: glib2, graphviz

$ port deps graphviz
Library Dependencies: jpeg, libpng, webp, fontconfig, freetype,
expat, gd2, gts, libtool, zlib, gettext, python27, librsvg,
pango, libLASi, xorg-libXaw

$ port deps librsvg
Library Dependencies: glib2, cairo, pango, libcroco, libxml2,
gdk-pixbuf2, vala, gobject-introspection



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