a no-homepage homepage for ports with dead homepages

Jan Stary hans at stare.cz
Thu Jan 11 17:30:26 UTC 2018

On Jan 11 08:42:59, ken.cunningham.webuse at gmail.com wrote:
> On 2018-01-11, at 12:24 AM, Jan Stary wrote:
> > 
> > For ports that don't have a homepage, the simplest thing imho
> > is not to declare one in the Portfile.
> a: not possible
> $ port lint
> --->  Verifying Portfile for aee
> Error: Missing required variable: homepage

Eh, that's because lint was _made_ to complain about this,
which doesn't mean it's not possible.

> b: IMHO not desirable

How is it desirable to pretend a piece of software
does have a homepage when it does not?

"But sir, I have to put _something_ under 'homepage' on this here form".

> > If the source code cannot be downloaded from somewhere,
> > how does the port even exist?
> MacPorts mirrors most distfiles for this reason, amongst others.

Voila, that's its homepage then.


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