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I have already reached out to Michael, Bradley, jeremyhu, Lawrence, Rainer
yesterday with the projects they have currently on the list and that we
have Mojca and Clemens up to lend helping hands as backup-mentors.

On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 11:24 AM, Jackson Isaac <ijackson at>

> Hi,
> I believe Michaels' project idea would be focusing more on the port
> side i.e., Qt5.
> From the tentative mentor list, I came up with teaming up the
> following mentors together:
> 1. I would say Michael and Mojca be the mentors for this project since
> both are familiar with port management (Mojca being more familiar with
> macports-ports than macports-base).
> 2. Clemens and I can be mentors for project based on macports-base.
> Clemens,
> Do you have something in particular that we might wanna do this year ?
> I was thinking about re-designing the portindex and the
> installation/uninstallation phases to try and adapt to libsolv solv
> repo. We can ask the student to understand and work on libsolv branch
> and submit patches for evaluation during application phase. Although
> this won't be the main idea for 3 months duration but more as a side
> project for evaluating the student skills.

It'd be great if you two are able to collaborate and work on an idea.
Jackson, if you have near-fully developed idea in mind, you can go ahead
and add it to the list.

> Umesh,
> We would need to come up with more guidelines for applicants. The
> process feels lenient right now, I would like to add some tasks that
> students should complete before being considered for GSoC.

Sure, we can work on that.

> Will also need to update the potential mentor list on Ideas pages
> after we get confirmations from other mentors and ideas that we want
> to implement this year. Can we have some kind on high priority tasks,
> good to haves, and experimental projects sections or something of that
> sort ?

High priority tasks need to be decided by the community. Until we come up
with something, it's better keep the projects for which mentors are
available higher on the list.

- Umesh
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