[macports-ports] 01/02: xml-security-c: update to 2.0.0

Jeremy L jeremy at lavergne.me
Sat Jul 14 13:35:25 UTC 2018

In the case of library version changes: MacPorts infrastructure can keep 
of list of every library referenced by every port. It doesn't 
necessarily need to keep track of the versioning, just enough to fire 
off a warning that you might trip other ports by changing your port's 

In the case of listing build deps as library deps: how is a warning from 
lint any different than an email warning from Ryan (other than taking up 
Ryan's time)?

On 07/14/2018 02:37 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> In the case of the first issue, "lint" has no knowledge of previous versions of the Portfile, and it has no knowledge of what files the port installs. There is no way "lint" can help you know when you need to increase the revision of dependencies. You need to pay attention to that sort of thing yourself.
> For the second issue, yes, "lint" could issue a warning when certain ports that are commonly used as build dependencies are possibly inadvertently listed as non-build dependencies. However this would result in false warnings in those few ports that have a legitimate reason to declare a non-build dependency on one of those ports. For example, ImageMagick declares a library dependency on pkgconfig, because it uses it at build time to find its dependencies, and it also uses it at runtime if you use the Magick-config script. This is fairly unusual though so it would not be unreasonable to add this warning.

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