CC vs assign

Rainer Müller raimue at
Wed Jun 6 07:19:54 UTC 2018

On 2018-06-06 03:14, iEFdev wrote:
> When I added #56618, I forgot to CC the maintainer (mojca). When
> modifying the ticket that CC option is gone, and all there's left is assign.
> I'm not really sure I feel that's up to me to do the assigning part. How
> should I do/proceed?

Assign is the correct action to take. Otherwise someone else would just
move it from CC and assign it to the maintainer later.

Documentation will still tell you to use CC, because the plugin that
allows reporters to use assign was only added a few weeks ago. [1]

> [OT] Of all the different mailing lists... Only ”macport-tickets@…” has
> a “reply-to” address set. Why isn't that set on the other ones?
> It's much too easy now to just hit reply and then you send a directmail,
> instead of to the list. /2¢

That is intentional. Always setting Reply-To would take away the option
that allows the sender to indicate where replies should be sent to.
Whether Reply-To should be set or not is one of the oldest discussion
topics on mailing lists [2].

Please use "Reply List" in your mail client and if it does not have
that, use "Reply All". The "Reply" button can be used to send an answer
to the original sender only.

macports-changes and macports-tickets have a Reply-To header because
they are meant for notifications only and nobody can post to that list



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