Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Sep 18 18:17:02 UTC 2018

On Sep 18, 2018, at 13:04, Mark Brethen wrote:
> More feedback from the developer:
>> Supposing that a profile.dat is available in csl/generated-c (as it is when one has fetched from subversion, and it will be in some future snapshots, but is NOT in the files you unpack from the .tar file in the mac snapshot directory unless you may yourself a private very very new one to play with). then the full recipe to build everything is
>> ./configure --with-csl; ./configure --with-psl; make
>> That sets up to build all necessary components and regenerate all the things that normally need regenerating.
>> profile.dat CAN be created from scratch but you will not want to do that.
> Is it possible to issue more than one configure statement before make in a port file?


Just using a pre-configure or post-configure block to run ./configure via system would probably not be best, because when MacPorts runs ./configure, it supplies lots of environment variables, which running it via system would not automatically supply.

A hack I've used before (in the php-1.1.tcl portgroup, for example) is to call portconfigure::configure_main to get MacPorts to run configure again, after changing some options. For example you might do:

configure.args --with-csl

post-configure {
    configure.args-replace --with-csl --with-psl

Technically ports are not supposed to use things like portconfigure::configure_main because it's not part of the official exposed MacPorts API, so theoretically it could change in the future and the port would break... but it should work for now.

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