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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Sep 24 03:45:37 UTC 2018

On Sep 23, 2018, at 21:57, Mark Brethen wrote:

> I don’t know why he is using a special build of fox but I will forward your comments to the developer. 
> Reduce uses a subset of Lisp. Each line of input must end with a semi-colon. 
> Instructions to plot cos(x) in reduce using gnuplot:
> 1. In Terminal, type ‘redcsl' [enter]. This should open the gui in XQuartz. The window will display "Reduce (Free CSL version, revision 4715), 23-Sep-18 …” followed by ‘1:’
> 2. Type ‘load_package gnuplot;’ [enter]
> 3. Type ‘plot cos(x);’ [enter]
> At this point AquaTerm should open and display a plot of the cosine for -10 < x < 10.

Thanks. So doing this did fix the problem for me:

On Sep 23, 2018, at 20:16, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> a) Figure out where in the code it calls the gnuplot executable, and change it to be the absolute path, so that the $PATH variable is not needed. I found lines such as these:
> ./packages/plot/   plotcommand!* := find!-gnuplot();
> ./packages/plot/     plotcommand!* := find!-gnuplot();
> ./packages/plot/   plotcommand!* := bldmsg("gnuplot %w",plotcmds!*);
> ./packages/plot/  plotcommand!* := find!-gnuplot();
> Maybe using the full "/opt/local/bin/gnuplot" on these lines is the answer.

See attached patch. I also changed your wrapper scripts to use "$@" instead of $* so that arguments containing spaces are handled correctly.

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