build failure - odd compiler selection

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Aug 7 22:33:08 UTC 2019

On Aug 5, 2019, at 14:02, Christopher Jones wrote:

> OK, I’ve worked out what was going on.
> The problem is the port uses the cxx11 port group, which internally sets the whitelist to include *only* macports-clang-5.0. This is then used instead of the fallback list below to pick a compiler, and because this one is in the blacklist, all options fail and port default to the first in the fallback list, which just happens to be clang.
> I think the cxx11 PG needs to extend the whitelist it sets, to include some of the new macports clang options…

I don't know why the cxx11 1.1 portgroup uses compiler.whitelist, an option which in my opinion almost nobody should ever be using, instead of using compiler.blacklist and compiler.fallback like ports should use. \r

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