Wrapping up Xcode project

Satryaji Aulia satraul at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 05:20:20 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I just finished building from source 348 ports without Xcode on my
10.13 machine (only CommandLineTools). Only around 10 ports failed to
build and we know exactly why (mostly xcode 1.0 ports or dependency).
We recently discovered and/or fixed some bugs with ports like qt5,
devel, and marked ports that need xcodebuild but haven't yet like

With the changes we made throughout the Xcode project, using MacPorts
without Xcode is now a much more pleasant experience, a major UX
improvement over the current release
I'll be wrapping up the project with more quality assurance and
testing. It is appreciated if you guys can try out and test the latest
master (especially for old macOS versions)

Thank you


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