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Dmitri Zaitsev zaitsev at
Fri Aug 23 09:54:24 UTC 2019

I find the list of hundreds qt53-* with (nearly) identical description
overwhelming and the grouping doesn't seem to work for them either.

The breadcrumb numbers at the top give me no clue where to click next to
skip that long list and 83 pages to click through feels quite frustrating

I generally prefer infinite scrolls, where I can quickly scroll all the way
down and then locate the keywords by search. There had been few ux designer
blogs in the past in support of paginations, whose arguments I never
understood, but they seem to be largely gone by now.

Also there is something wrong with sorting order.


> I would like to ask for an opinion.
> Please compare
> and
> In the first URL subports are grouped. Which one do you like better,
> or do you have any ideas for further improvements?
> I initially asked for grouping of subports, but I cannot decide if it
> actually looks better or not.
> I would prefer to have consistent output for all the queries rather
> than use a different view for the maintainer.
> You can either answer here or "misuse" the following PR
> Thank you,
>     Mojca

Dmitri Zaitsev
School of Mathematics
Trinity College Dublin

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