invalid certificate chain during port-fetch

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sat Dec 28 20:33:49 UTC 2019

On Saturday December 28 2019 14:10:29 Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>> but don't understand why the fallback doesn't work on Mac. Maybe a different exception is raised there?
>> Anyway, I think the fallback makes sense in this kind of situation, and it should handle bootstrap errors gracefully. That is, if port:curl isn't yet installed the system curl will be found.
>I don't want to debug any custom changes you've made to MacPorts base.

I'm not asking you to but I'm quite certain this is a reintroduction of code that was removed for some reason. It doesn't look like how I'd have written it (I wouldn't have bothered with an exception filter).


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