[macports-ports] branch master updated: nrpe, nsca: remove outdated ports

Marcus Calhoun-Lopez mcalhoun at macports.org
Sat Feb 2 16:35:22 UTC 2019

Do we have a policy to decide when a port should be removed?
If not, this might be a good example for discussion.

>     nrpe, nsca: remove outdated ports

> - Both ports are unmaintained ...
This is true, but there may well be people out there who are willing to spend a little time upgrading them from time to time, especially if livecheck is working.

> - Both ports are … several years out of date.
There is a more recent versions available at:
It is not clear to me that either of these projects qualify as dead.

>      - Neither port has dependents.
There may be users who want them.

>      - The version of nrpe in MacPorts is having SSL-related build errors,
>        see https://git.io/fhSt7

This has an easy fix: add openssl dependency.

Please understand, I do not have any need for either of these ports.
However, if these are the standards we use to remove ports, then there are probably quite a few ports that are on the chopping block.
It is better to delete a port until it is in better shape?
Once a port is deleted, there is almost no way someone like me would ever even know of its existence, so it is unlikely to return.
It is better to have a smaller number of better maintained ports?

Personally, I am hesitant to delete unmaintained ports as long as the upstream project is alive.
Every now and again, I look through the tickets to see if there is an orphan port I can quickly fix.


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